Virgin Experience Days: “Experiences are where life happens – and we’re set to help satisfy pent up consumer demand.”

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Experiences were unfortunate enough to find themselves in the eye of the Coronavirus storm. Shuttered indefinitely, the industry showed immense resilience and creativity to ride out lockdown and get itself ‘new normal’ ready. Now poised to reopen, the future looks bright despite uncertainty. While people adjusted remarkably to a lot of things staying at home, […]

The Future is Digital

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By Matt Howe – Managing Director, Blackhawk Network, Europe It’s fair to say that 2020 probably isn’t the year that many of us imagined. I still find the interruption to our daily lives fascinating – to have gone from a bustling world of activity to a completely new normal in as little as four months […]

Lockdown drilldown – a Savvy view

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By Eoin Whyte – Sales Director, Savvy It was interesting to hear updated retail market forecasts from KPMG and Global Data last week on our first GCVA Connect member’s online meeting. The impact of Covid19 is scarcely comprehensible and going by the forecasts we heard from Don and Joe last week, the operating principle now […]

From Conference to Coronavirus

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By Gail Cohen – Director General, GCVA The relief and adrenaline at the end of a conference are palpable – a year in the planning, the buzz – friends, teams, colleagues reunited and then suddenly it’s all over. This was an odd one – should we kiss, hug, elbow tap, nod – no-one knew!  Time […]